LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
FillControl Method (devHandle, controlSetupHandle, callback, userData, timeout)
Library ReferenceMonoLibUsb.TransferMonoUsbTransferFillControl(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, MonoUsbControlSetupHandle, Delegate, IntPtr, Int32)
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Helper function to populate the required MonoUsbTransfer properties for a control transfer.
Declaration Syntax
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public void FillControl(
	MonoUsbDeviceHandle devHandle,
	MonoUsbControlSetupHandle controlSetupHandle,
	Delegate callback,
	IntPtr userData,
	int timeout
Public Sub FillControl ( _
	devHandle As MonoUsbDeviceHandle, _
	controlSetupHandle As MonoUsbControlSetupHandle, _
	callback As Delegate, _
	userData As IntPtr, _
	timeout As Integer _
void FillControl(
	MonoUsbDeviceHandle^ devHandle, 
	MonoUsbControlSetupHandle^ controlSetupHandle, 
	Delegate^ callback, 
	IntPtr userData, 
	int timeout
devHandle (MonoUsbDeviceHandle)
handle of the device that will handle the transfer
controlSetupHandle (MonoUsbControlSetupHandle)
the setup packet/control data to transfer.
callback (Delegate)
callback function to be invoked on transfer completion
userData (IntPtr)
user data to pass to callback function
timeout (Int32)
timeout for the transfer in milliseconds

Isochronous transfers are not supported on windows.

Note:FillControl(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, MonoUsbControlSetupHandle, Delegate, IntPtr, Int32) is similar to libusb_fill_control_transfer().

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