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MonoUsbControlSetupHandle Class
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Allocates memory and fills an asynchronous control setup packet.
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public class MonoUsbControlSetupHandle : SafeContextHandle
Public Class MonoUsbControlSetupHandle _
	Inherits SafeContextHandle
public ref class MonoUsbControlSetupHandle : public SafeContextHandle
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MonoUsbControlSetupHandle(Byte, Byte, Int16, Int16, Object, Int32)
Allocates memory and sets up a control setup packet. Copies control data into the control data buffer

MonoUsbControlSetupHandle(Byte, Byte, Int16, Int16, Int16)
Allocates memory and sets up a control setup packet.

Returns the MonoUsbControlSetup for this handle.

Note:This type is used for asynchronous control transfers only.
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