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Libusb-1.0 low-level API library.
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public static class MonoUsbApi
Public NotInheritable Class MonoUsbApi
public ref class MonoUsbApi abstract sealed
All MembersMethods

AttachKernelDriver(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Re-attach an interface's kernel driver, which was previously detached using DetachKernelDriver(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32).

BulkTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, IntPtr, Int32, Int32%, Int32)
Perform a USB bulk transfer.

BulkTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Object, Int32, Int32%, Int32)
Perform a USB bulk transfer.

ClaimInterface(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Claim an interface on a given device handle.

ClearHalt(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte)
Clear the halt/stall condition for an endpoint.

ControlTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Byte, Int16, Int16, IntPtr, Int16, Int32)
Perform a USB control transfer.

ControlTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Byte, Int16, Int16, Object, Int16, Int32)
Perform a USB control transfer.

ControlTransferAsync(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Byte, Int16, Int16, IntPtr, Int16, Int32)
Perform a USB control transfer for multi-threaded applications using the MonoUsbEventHandler class.

DetachKernelDriver(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Detach a kernel driver from an interface.

Determine if an active thread is handling events (i.e. if anyone is holding the event handling lock).

Determine if it is still OK for this thread to be doing event handling.

GetActiveConfigDescriptor(MonoUsbProfileHandle, MonoUsbConfigHandle%)
Get the USB configuration descriptor for the currently active configuration.

Get the number of the bus that a device is connected to.

GetConfigDescriptor(MonoUsbProfileHandle, Byte, MonoUsbConfigHandle%)
Get a USB configuration descriptor based on its index.

GetConfigDescriptorByValue(MonoUsbProfileHandle, Byte, MonoUsbConfigHandle%)
Get a USB configuration descriptor with a specific bConfigurationValue.

GetConfiguration(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32%)
Determine the bConfigurationValue of the currently active configuration.

GetDescriptor(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Byte, IntPtr, Int32)
Retrieve a descriptor from the default control pipe.

GetDescriptor(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Byte, Object, Int32)
Retrieve a descriptor from the default control pipe.

Get the address of the device on the bus it is connected to.

GetDeviceDescriptor(MonoUsbProfileHandle, MonoUsbDeviceDescriptor)
Gets the standard device descriptor.

GetDeviceList(MonoUsbSessionHandle, MonoUsbProfileListHandle%)
Returns a list of USB devices currently attached to the system.

GetMaxIsoPacketSize(MonoUsbProfileHandle, Byte)
Calculate the maximum packet size which a specific endpoint is capable is sending or receiving in the duration of 1 microframe.

GetMaxPacketSize(MonoUsbProfileHandle, Byte)
Convenience function to retrieve the wMaxPacketSize value for a particular endpoint in the active device configuration.

GetNextTimeout(MonoUsbSessionHandle, UnixNativeTimeval%)
Determine the next internal timeout that libusb needs to handle.

Retrieve a list of file descriptors that should be polled by your main loop as libusb event sources.

Handle any pending events in blocking mode with a sensible timeout.

HandleEventsLocked(MonoUsbSessionHandle, UnixNativeTimeval%)
Handle any pending events by polling file descriptors, without checking if any other threads are already doing so.

HandleEventsTimeout(MonoUsbSessionHandle, UnixNativeTimeval%)
Handle any pending events.

InterruptTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, IntPtr, Int32, Int32%, Int32)
Perform a USB interrupt transfer.

InterruptTransfer(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte, Object, Int32, Int32%, Int32)
Perform a USB interrupt transfer.

KernelDriverActive(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Determine if a kernel driver is active on an interface.

Acquire the event handling lock, blocking until successful acquisition if it is contended.

Acquire the event waiters lock.

Converts a MonoUsbTansferStatus enum to a MonoUsbError enum.

OpenDeviceWithVidPid(MonoUsbSessionHandle, Int16, Int16)
Convenience function for finding a device with a particular idVendor/idProduct combination.

Determines whether your application must apply special timing considerations when monitoring libusb's file descriptors.

ReleaseInterface(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Release an interface previously claimed with ClaimInterface(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32).

Perform a USB port reset to reinitialize a device.

SetConfiguration(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32)
Set the active configuration for a device.

SetDebug(MonoUsbSessionHandle, Int32)
Set message verbosity.

SetInterfaceAltSetting(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Int32, Int32)
Activate an alternate setting for an interface.

SetPollfdNotifiers(MonoUsbSessionHandle, PollfdAddedDelegate, PollfdRemovedDelegate, IntPtr)
Register notification functions for file descriptor additions/removals.

Get a string describing a MonoUsbError.

Attempt to acquire the event handling lock.

Release the lock previously acquired with libusb_try_lock_events or libusb_lock_events.

Release the event waiters lock.

WaitForEvent(MonoUsbSessionHandle, UnixNativeTimeval%)
Wait for another thread to signal completion of an event.

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