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RawIo Property
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If the raw i/o policy parameter is TRUE (that is, nonzero), calls to WinUsb_ReadPipe and WinUsb_WritePipe for the specified endpoint must satisfy the following conditions: The buffer length must be a multiple of the maximum endpoint packet size. The length must be less than what the host controller supports. If the preceding conditions are met, WinUSB sends data directly to the USB driver stack, bypassing WinUSB's queuing and error handling. If the raw i/o policy parameter is FALSE, no restrictions are imposed on the buffers that are passed to WinUsb_ReadPipe and WinUsb_WritePipe. The default value of the raw i/o policy parameter is FALSE.
Declaration Syntax
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public bool RawIo { get; set; }
Public Property RawIo As Boolean
property bool RawIo {
	bool get ();
	void set (bool value);

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