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AddRemoveEvent Event
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Usb device arrival/removal notification handler. This event only reports when the Refresh(MonoUsbSessionHandle) method is called.
Declaration Syntax
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public event EventHandler<AddRemoveEventArgs> AddRemoveEvent
Public Event AddRemoveEvent As EventHandler(Of AddRemoveEventArgs)
 event EventHandler<AddRemoveEventArgs^>^ AddRemoveEvent {
	void add (EventHandler<AddRemoveEventArgs^>^ value);
	void remove (EventHandler<AddRemoveEventArgs^>^ value);
AddRemoveEvent could be used for a crude form for receiving usb device arrival/removal notification.
// Startup code
MonoUsbProfileList profileList = new MonoUsbProfileList();
profileList.AddRemoveEvent += OnDeviceAddRemove;

// Device AddRemove event template
private void OnDeviceAddRemove(object sender, AddRemoveEventArgs addRemoveArgs)
// This method will only report when Refresh() is called.

// Refresh profile list.
// Any devices added or removed since the last call to Refresh() will be returned
// in the OnDeviceAddRemove method.

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