LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
Parse Method (identifiers)
Library ReferenceLibUsbDotNet.MainUsbSymbolicNameParse(String)
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Parses registry strings containing USB information. This function can Parse symbolic names as well as hardware ids, compatible ids, etc.
Declaration Syntax
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public static UsbSymbolicName Parse(
	string identifiers
Public Shared Function Parse ( _
	identifiers As String _
) As UsbSymbolicName
static UsbSymbolicName^ Parse(
	String^ identifiers
identifiers (String)

[Missing <param name="identifiers"/> documentation for "M:LibUsbDotNet.Main.UsbSymbolicName.Parse(System.String)"]

Return Value
A UsbSymbolicName class with all the available information from the identifiers string.
         List<UsbRegistryDeviceInfo> regDeviceList = UsbGlobals.RegFindDevices();
foreach (UsbRegistryDeviceInfo regDevice in mDevList)
    string[] hardwareIds = (string[])regDevice.Properties[DevicePropertyType.HardwareID];
   UsbSymbolicName usbHardwareID = UsbSymbolicName.Parse(hardwareIds[0]);
    Debug.Print(string.Format("Vid:0x{0:X4} Pid:0x{1:X4}", usbHardwareID.Vid, usbHardwareID.Pid));

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