LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
ToString Method (prefixSeperator, entitySperator, suffixSeperator)
Library ReferenceLibUsbDotNet.DescriptorsUsbDeviceDescriptorToString(String, String, String)
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Returns a String that represents the current UsbDeviceDescriptor.
Declaration Syntax
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public string ToString(
	string prefixSeperator,
	string entitySperator,
	string suffixSeperator
Public Function ToString ( _
	prefixSeperator As String, _
	entitySperator As String, _
	suffixSeperator As String _
) As String
String^ ToString(
	String^ prefixSeperator, 
	String^ entitySperator, 
	String^ suffixSeperator
prefixSeperator (String)
The field prefix string.
entitySperator (String)
The field/value seperator string.
suffixSeperator (String)
The value suffix string.
Return Value
A formatted representation of the UsbDeviceDescriptor.

Assembly: LibUsbDotNet (Module: LibUsbDotNet) Version: (