LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
MonoUsbDeviceList Property
Library ReferenceLibUsbDotNet.LudnMonoLibUsbMonoUsbDeviceMonoUsbDeviceList
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Gets a MonoUsbDevice list of Libusb-1.0 devices.
Declaration Syntax
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public static List<MonoUsbDevice> MonoUsbDeviceList { get; }
Public Shared ReadOnly Property MonoUsbDeviceList As List(Of MonoUsbDevice)
static property List<MonoUsbDevice^>^ MonoUsbDeviceList {
	List<MonoUsbDevice^>^ get ();

Using the MonoUsbDeviceList property will request a device list directly from the Libusb-1.0 driver.

Libusb-1.0 is compatible with several platforms including windows.

You can force LibUsbDotNet to always use Libusb-1.0 with the ForceLibUsbWinBack member.

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