LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
SetData Method (data, offset, length)
Library ReferenceMonoLibUsb.TransferMonoUsbControlSetupSetData(Object, Int32, Int32)
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Copies data into PtrData.
Declaration Syntax
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public void SetData(
	Object data,
	int offset,
	int length
Public Sub SetData ( _
	data As Object, _
	offset As Integer, _
	length As Integer _
void SetData(
	Object^ data, 
	int offset, 
	int length
data (Object)

Data buffer to copy into PtrDatafor an output control transfer.

This value can be:
offset (Int32)
The offset in data to begin copying.
length (Int32)
Number of to copy.

Assembly: LibUsbDotNet (Module: LibUsbDotNet) Version: (