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GetIsoPacketBufferSimple Method (packet)
Library ReferenceMonoLibUsb.TransferMonoUsbTransferGetIsoPacketBufferSimple(Int32)
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Convenience function to locate the position of an isochronous packet within the buffer of an isochronous transfer, for transfers where each packet is of identical size.
Declaration Syntax
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public IntPtr GetIsoPacketBufferSimple(
	int packet
Public Function GetIsoPacketBufferSimple ( _
	packet As Integer _
) As IntPtr
IntPtr GetIsoPacketBufferSimple(
	int packet
packet (Int32)
The packet to return the address of.
Return Value
the base address of the packet buffer inside the transfer buffer.

This function relies on the assumption that every packet within the transfer is of identical size to the first packet. Calculating the location of the packet buffer is then just a simple calculation: buffer + (packet_size * packet)

Do not use this function on transfers other than those that have identical packet lengths for each packet.

Note:GetIsoPacketBufferSimple(Int32) is roughly equivalent to libusb_get_iso_packet_buffer_simple().
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionThis exception is thrown if the packet requested is >= NumIsoPackets.

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