LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
Removing a Usb Install Package
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The InfWizard can be used to remove/clean up usb install packages.

Unknown List Class
Remove a Usb Device Install Package
  1. Launch the InfWizard and click Next.

    InfWizard Welcome page.
  2. Select the usb device to remove and click Remove Device to display the InfWizard Remove Device window.

    Remove device configuration.
    Remove Device Options
  3. The device removal function first calls the windows api function SetupDiRemoveDevice and then SetupUninstallOEMInf.

    If the DeepClean property was set to true, the remove device function will scan ALL inf files in the [Windows]\Inf for the selected devices VID and PID. All matching inf file are marked for deletion in the final confirmation dialog.

    Remove device complete
    Remove USB Device
  4. The dialog remains open after the device is removed so status can be reviewed.