LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
Fill Method (buffer, offset, count, timeout)
Library ReferenceLibUsbDotNet.MainUsbTransferFill(Object, Int32, Int32, Int32)
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Fills the transfer with the data to Submit()()()().
Declaration Syntax
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public virtual void Fill(
	Object buffer,
	int offset,
	int count,
	int timeout
Public Overridable Sub Fill ( _
	buffer As Object, _
	offset As Integer, _
	count As Integer, _
	timeout As Integer _
virtual void Fill(
	Object^ buffer, 
	int offset, 
	int count, 
	int timeout
buffer (Object)
The buffer; See PinnedHandle for more details.
offset (Int32)
The offset on the buffer where the transfer should read/write.
count (Int32)
The number of bytes to transfer.
timeout (Int32)
Time (milliseconds) to wait before the transfer times out.

Assembly: LibUsbDotNet (Module: LibUsbDotNet) Version: (