LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
ForceSetupApi Field
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If true, LibUsbDotNet will use the vid, pid and revision of the Info descriptor to lookup additional device information in the windows registry via the setupapi. Setting this field to false will cause all device information to come directly from the device descriptors.
Declaration Syntax
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public static bool ForceSetupApi
Public Shared ForceSetupApi As Boolean
static bool ForceSetupApi

If using WinUSB or the LibUsbDotNet-libusb-win32 native driver, information provided by the UsbRegistry class will come from the registry regardless of this setting because these drivers have direct support for this.

The Libusb-1.0 windows-backend driver and the legacy libusb-win32 driver have their own methods for listing, finding, and opening devices. For these drivers, the ForceSetupApi can be set to do a "reverse lookup" via the setupapi using only the vid, pid and revision of the UsbDeviceDescriptor. The UsbRegistry class is then populated with all available SPDRP properties, device interface guids, winusb device paths, etc.

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