LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
Getting Started With Windows
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Before LibUsbDotNet can access a usb device on a Windows operating system the device must be installed with either WinUSB or libusb-win32 usb drivers. Optionally, libusb-win32 has the unique ability to operate as a filter service. When the filter service mode is enabled, libusb-win32 will allow access to every usb device on the system without the need for driver setup/installation packages.

To learn how to automatically generate a USB Install packages see: Creating a Usb Install Package. To learn more about the InfWizard utility see: Using the InfWizard Utility.

Using the libusb-win32 Filter Service
  • The filter service is installed by the LibUsbDotNet Setup package and is disabled by default. It can be enabled and disabled from the LibUsbDotNet sub-menu.

    Start->Programs->LibUsbDotNet->libusb-win32->Enable filter service

    Start->Programs->LibUsbDotNet->libusb-win32->Disable filter service

The libusb-win32 filter service should only be used in a development environment as it can interfere with normal USB operation.

Forcing Libusb-1.0 Usage On Windows

LibUsbDotNet can be forced to use the Libusb-1.0 API on windows by setting the static ForceLibUsbWinBack field to true. With this field set, all custom HID devices and WinUSB devices are present in the device list.

NOTE: Libusb-1.0 does not treat multiple WinUSB interfaces as seperate devices. Keep this in mind when using a composite device and multi-platform support is required.