LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
IsoPacket Method (packetNumber)
Library ReferenceMonoLibUsb.TransferMonoUsbTransferIsoPacket(Int32)
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Gets a MonoUsbIsoPacket that represents the specified iso packet descriptor.
Declaration Syntax
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public MonoUsbIsoPacket IsoPacket(
	int packetNumber
Public Function IsoPacket ( _
	packetNumber As Integer _
) As MonoUsbIsoPacket
MonoUsbIsoPacket^ IsoPacket(
	int packetNumber
packetNumber (Int32)
The iso packet descriptor to return.
Return Value
The MonoUsbIsoPacket that represents packetNumber.

Assembly: LibUsbDotNet (Module: LibUsbDotNet) Version: (