LibUsbDotNet 2.2.8
ClearHalt Method (deviceHandle, endpoint)
Library ReferenceMonoLibUsbMonoUsbApiClearHalt(MonoUsbDeviceHandle, Byte)
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Clear the halt/stall condition for an endpoint.
Declaration Syntax
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public static int ClearHalt(
	MonoUsbDeviceHandle deviceHandle,
	byte endpoint
Public Shared Function ClearHalt ( _
	deviceHandle As MonoUsbDeviceHandle, _
	endpoint As Byte _
) As Integer
static int ClearHalt(
	[InAttribute] MonoUsbDeviceHandle^ deviceHandle, 
	unsigned char endpoint
deviceHandle (MonoUsbDeviceHandle)
A device handle.
endpoint (Byte)
The endpoint to clear halt status.
Return Value

Endpoints with halt status are unable to receive or transmit data until the halt condition is stalled.

You should cancel all pending transfers before attempting to clear the halt condition.

This is a blocking function.

Note: Member documentation was originally generated using the Libusb-1.0 API documentation: Device handling and enumeration

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